Kimtech Science Sterling Nitrile 9921 datablad

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3. Related Products Product Code Description Same product different size 99210 KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /XS 99212 KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /M 99213 KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 25cm Ambidextrous / Grey /L 99214 KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 25cm Ambidextrous / Grey /XL Information JACKSON SAFETY* has been providing on-the-job safety products for more than 75 years. Acquired by Kimberly-Clark Professional in 2009, JACKSON SAFETY* offers a full range of personal protection equipment -- including apparel, protective eyewear, face protection, head, hearing and respiratory protection -- as well as market-leading welding and work-zone safety products. Websites Infofax Details Storage conditions Keep dry. Store in a cool dry place and shield from exposure to direct sunlight, intense artificial light or exposure to sources of radiation or ozone. Durability This product has a five years shelf life from the date of manufacture. Customer Service Number For more information please contact Customer Service during regular office hours-0870 551 044 Country of Origin THAILAND 3 / 3 (Code=09921117/LN=01/Country=GB/Type=C) Product Data Sheet for KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /S - 99211

2. Application No Laboratory Silicone Free Bar Code (Case) Nitrile 05027375025365 Material Colour 5033848010998 Grey Bar Code (Pack) Product Specifications Standard R+E Food Contact Regulations This product is suitable for food contact and complies with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. Furthermore, nitrile rubber gloves comply with Regulation (EC) No. 10/2011 and German Recommendation, BfR No. XXI, and paper products comply with German Recommendation, BfR No. XXXVI. EN 374-1:2003 This European Standard specifies the requirements for gloves to protect against chemicals and/or micro-organism and defines terms to be used. This Standard should be used in conjunction with EN420. This Standard does not specify requirements for protection against mechanical hazards. EN 374-2: 2003 Microorganisms Protection This European Standard specifies test method for the penetration resistance of gloves that protect against chemicals and/or micro- organisms. CE Mark Simple - CAT I, Intermediate - CAT II or Complex - CAT III Trade ISO 14001 ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard. Designed to help organisations ensure that operations comply with environmental laws, and; major environmental risks and liabilities are properly identified, minimised and managed. ISO 9001 This gives the requirements for quality management systems, is now firmly established as the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships. International Standards and Symbols Unit Of Sale Net Weight(kg) Case 7.65 Case Dimension(LXWXH)(cm) Max Weight(kg) 41.5 x 25.9 x 25.5 8.42 Inner Pack Material Paper Packaging Pallet Type LxWxH (m) Cases per Layer Layers per Pallet Cases per Pallet E5 1.20 x 0.80 x 1.42 8 5 40 2 / 3 Product Data Sheet for KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /S - 99211

1. Product Long Code 09921117 Customer Facing Code 99211 Description KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /S PDS Reference 11/09/2018 Product Information Product Description KIMTECH SCIENCE*, STERLING* Nitrile Gloves protect against contamination by chemical splash and micro-organism hazards. Ensure that difficult to handle materials and chemicals do not disrupt your laboratory processes, and that your staff are fully protected, with high quality personal protection equipment (PPE) designed to meet the demands of a modern laboratory. An innovative new approach to using synthetic nitrile polymer results in static dissipative in-use gloves with a tip thickness of just 0.09 mm, but with excellent tensile strength suitable for rigorous process use. These patented physical properties offer all of the comfort and ease of latex but with the enhanced chemical and mechanical protection of nitrile, along with a reduced potential for TYPE 1 glove-associated allergic reactions. The powder-free KIMTECH SCIENCE*, STERLING* Nitrile Gloves are ideal for use in research and production facilities for forensics, life sciences and non-sterile drug manufacturing applications. Beaded cuffs and textured fingertips enable excellent handling of both wet and dry materials, and the ambidextrous gloves have been extensively tested for protection against contamination by chemical splash and viruses, as well as being food contact approved. In addition, the thin nitrile construction and efficient packaging mean that our chemical resistant gloves can reduce waste by up to 33%, and are provided in boxes containing up to 50% more than some conventional boxed gloves. This precision manufacturing reduces the risk of contamination and ensures the nitrile gloves offer high levels of regulatory compliance, conforming to the following: • EN374-1:2003 Chemical Splash protection, • EN 16523-1 & EN374-3:2003 Chemical permeation testing on over 40 chemicals, • AQL 0.65 / EN374-2:2003 Level 3 Micro-Organism protection, • ISO 16604:2004 protection against penetration from viruses, • PPE Category III certified under CE directive 89/686/EEC for Personal Protective Equipment (EC Type examination certificate available), • Anti-static tested, meeting the requirements defined in EN1149-5:2008, and • Compliant with Medical Device standards EN455-1,-2,-3. 10 cartons x 150 ambidextrous, grey gloves, XL, (1500 total) Case Contents 10 Cartons x 150 Gloves = 1500 Gloves Outer Pack Material Paper Content Icon Unit Dimension Weight(kg) Carton 24.50 x 12.80 x 8.00 Length x Width x Height(cm) Glove 0.01 Product Data Sheet for KIMTECH SCIENCE* STERLING* Nitrile Gloves - 24cm Ambidextrous / Grey /S - 99211 • 10 cartons x 150 ambidextrous, grey gloves, XL, (1500 total) • Delivering outstanding protection, comfort and handling ability with our latex-free, nitrile laboratory gloves. • Made of nitrile which is stronger, leaner and more protective than latex • Excellent tactile sensitivity and textured fingertips for handling delicate instruments and material, whether wet or dry • Efficient construction and packaging minimises waste and enhances comfort • Wide size range (XS to XL) of powder-free nitrile gloves • Compliant and fully tested to protect against contamination from chemical splash, cytotoxic drugs and more. • Ambidextrous, disposable and featuring a beaded cuff for easy donning and comfortable wear. • Food contact approved Product Features 1 / 3


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