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3. User Manual Product user instruction Storage Information On the user instruction Care Instructions On the user instruction Maintenance © Honeywell International Inc. Lapren 706 Page 3 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

2. Description Unsupported natural latex and chloroprene. Flock lined. Profiled palm surface. Stretched cuff. Product Technology Dipped Glove/liner color Green Coating Type Natural latex, chloroprene Length 300-320 Thickness 0,6 Harmlessness In conformity with European standards Sizes 7,8,9,10 EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards Abrasion Resistance Abrasion resistance 2 Cutting resistance (Coupe test) 0 Tear resistance 2 Puncture resistance 0 Technical Description E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 EC Certificate Number 951030 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number 951030 Certifications VIICLAT706 N25_pdf /1033.aspx 706 Konf GB 87b1-968d36a08e93.jpg Literature & Documents Additional Information Lapren 706 Page 2 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.

1. United Kingdom Catering Chemical Industries Industrial Cleaning Laboratory Utilities laboratory work cleaning use in the catering industry manufacturing of small parts precision engineering and electronics industry working in power stations Reference Number 706 Product Type Gloves Range Chemical Protection Line Liquidproof Brand KCL by Honeywell Brand formerly known as KCL Industry Product Use Overview Feature AQL < 0.65 glove surface free from silicone (lacquer indifference, test method automotive industry) polychloroprene part Benefit excellent sensitivity good grip when handling wet parts high flexibility at low temperatures high elasticity extremely comfortable Features & Benefits Lapren 706 PRODUCT NUMBER: 706 Lapren® 706 is a medium-weight natural latex protective glove which incorporates polychloroprene to improve chemical resistance. The special mixture of materials ensures high elasticity, plus good tensile strength and tear resistance. The palm surface ensures a firm grip even in wet working environments, while maintaining a high degree of sensitivity. With cotton flock lining, stretched cuff and anatomical design, this product meets all requirements of comfort and hygiene. Page 1 Of 3 © Honeywell International Inc.


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