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1. WITH OVER THREE decades of experience in the conversion of synthetic materials into lifting and lashing products, Checkmate has established itself as a global leader in this field, with its products being exported to all parts of the world. Our growth and continued development has only been made possible by the outstanding commitment and loyalty of our customers. This co-operation has led to several long term partnerships, resulting in the manufacture of products and equipment tailored precisely to our customers needs. Quality has always been a watchword at Checkmate and our systems are second to none. We have our own in-house test facilities which are used extensively in product and material development. We are UKAS accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and we hold approvals from amongst others, the American Bureau of Shipping. As a market leader we operate a continuous investment programme in both new equipment and technology to ensure that Checkmate remains at the forefront in the design and manufacture of textile lifting products. LIFTING & LASHING Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 47 15/11/2016 10:56

4. l - lifting & lashings 50 Our new “HERCULES” Roundsling machine is capable of manufacturing conventional polyester Roundslings up to 200MT @ 7:1 s/f with circumferences of up to 120M. In UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and bearing the VIKING WARRIOR branding the limit is only the machine that can break our slings! But 1000T @ 5:1 is definitely achievable. With laser and computer controlled accuracy for length and for matched pairs up to 120m circumfrence. It’s the only machine in the World to passively control the tension of the base yarns during manufacture. Driven by Mitsubishi touch screen advanced HDI interfaces the machine has a recipe book of sling formula’s which the operator can access at the touch of a button with operator fail safes built in for: sling length, number of yarn turns, number of yarn ends, speed, tension and number of slings made in one batch before a trigger for manufacture is alerted. Standard Features • 12T to 200T Capacity and up to 120M Circ regardless of capacity. • Manufactured from High Tenacity Polyester Yarn 13200 DTex • 50T to 800T Capacity and up to 120M Circ regardless of capacity. • Manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn • Seamless construction up to 100t • Can be produced accurate to length via laser controlled manufacturing • Durable and heavy duty Polyester covers or UHMWPE covers Compliance • EN 1492-2 : 2000 Viking Warrior Roundsling VIKING WARRIOR ROUNDSLING MODULAR WEAR PADS MODULAR WEAR PADS WEAR SLEEVES Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 50 15/11/2016 10:57

5. l - lifting & lashings Wear sleeves are recommended when abrasion is a problem or sharp objects are being lifted and will also prolong the life of the sling. They are available in a variety of materials including polyurethane for particularly harsh or abrasive surfaces which can be coated either single sided or totally encapsulated. PU-COATED WEAR SLEEVE POLYESTER WEAR SLEEVE Wear Sleeves Special Webbing Slings We can supply a number of specialist slings such as: • Extra wide webbing slings where we stitch two slings sidebyside either in simplex, duplex or quadplex construction - to give extra width up to 600mm and theoretical WLL of up to 48 tonnes.  • Boat slings with extra eyes to give variable lifting lengths. • One trip sling, an economical sling that is used for only a single journey of the load. • Belly band slings, an endless webbing sling that can be supplied in a variety of lengths and widths. • Cloverleaf slings to lift large cargo’s of cocoa bags, etc. SPECIAL WEBBING SLINGS Special Projects Custom slings can be designed and developed to suit customer’s individual requirements; such as the Tension Hammock (pictured right) used to change ceramic insulator discs. 51 Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 51 15/11/2016 10:57

8. OTHELLO CHECKMATE’S Othello range has been designed and developed specifically for the theatre, stage and event markets, finished in stealth black to meet the unique requirements of the entertainment industry where high performance and low visibility are key. All of this has been achieved whilst maintaining the core product features, usability and user safety. The range includes our class leading PBH05 rigger’s full body harness, ATOM-X palm-sized fall arrest block, lanyards, truss straps, anchor strops, soft steels, roundslings and lashings. • Minimal visual impact • High strength materials • Simple to use • Lightweight • Versatile Lifting Lashing Anchorage Non-reflective fittings Retractable label pouch Drop forged alloy D’s Contrast webbing and stitching Alloy cam buckles Built up layers of breathable thermo formed padding Alloy Quick Connectors Water repellant and UV resistant Polyester webbing with wear indicators Double folded and TP covered End Stops Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 54 15/11/2016 10:57

7. l - lifting & lashings Our revolutionary decklash syst- em is designed specifically for large deck cargos Standard Features • Material High grade carbon steel, stainless steel springs and polyester webbing • MBL 15t • Double barrel take-up • 4mtr capacity on drums • 36mm socket drives • Rapid tensioning via ratchet handle • Kick release for fast discharge DECKLASH Deckanchor • PU coated polyester webbing • Low stretch webbing Nominal > 5% • Light weight 14kg and portable • Reported 40% saving in Port-stay time • Edge protectors Compliance • I.M.O.A 715 (17) • TP2534 Decklash Cargo Lash Leasing A rapid economical one way lashing system with up to 2,000kg breaking load. Comprising a cra- nked metal locking buckle and 50mm wide polyester webbing. Tensioning is achieved by a separate detachable ratchet device. Webbing sling leasing plans. We can individually tailor leasing plans to suit your needs either on the spot voyage basis or a longer term commitment thus alleviating the capital cost of initial purchase. To find out more about our leasing plans please contact us. CARGO LASH WEBBING SLINGS DECKANCHOR While the cargo is being loaded and secured the Deckanchor, shown in situ opposite (red me- tal), can be used for personal tie off. Then once all decklash are in position a temporary lifeline can be fitted for checking and re- tightening during the voyage. Standard Features • Safely anchored whilst loading & lashing • Eliminate the risk of a fall • Enables you to check load during voayge. Compliance • EN 795 53 Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 53 15/11/2016 10:57

6. l - lifting & lashings Loadfast straps available in vari- ous lengths and breaking loads. The most common being 5t fitted claw hooks with a lashing capacity of 2,500DaN. New ratchet models available are the removeable handle for added security and economy, also an extendable handle version to give greate leverage Standard Features • Material: High tenacity low stretch polyester • Widths: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 75mm • Breaking loads:1t, 2t, 5t & 10t • LF1 Endless ratchet assembly • LF2 Two part straps fitted delta links • LF3 Two part straps fitted claw hooks • LF4 Two part straps fitted snap hooks LOADFAST Marine Slings • Labelled with relevant information for traceability and safety • Light and flexible makes them easy to handle • Wear sleeves available to protect from sharp objects and abrasive loads • Will not damage the surface of the goods being lashed • Unaffected by grease, oil, dirt or sea water • High strength to weight ratio • Easily examined • Other fittings available • Removeable Handle • Extendable Handle Compliance • EN 12195-2 : 2001 Loadfast We have unrivalled experience in the manufacture of slings for the Marine environment and are able to react rapidly to the exacting and challenging demands of the shipping industry. Standard Features • Material: High tenacity low stretch polyester treated and coated for increased resistance to abrasion and durability • WLL dependent on national and international standards • Various slings available in simplex, duplex, in eye to eye or endless • Labelled with relevant information for traceability and safety • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods • Light and flexible makes them easy to handle • Suitable for many different cargos • Unaffected by grease, oil, dirt or sea water • High strength to weight ratio • Can be colour coded for year of supply and printed with customer name and other safety information • Easily examined Compliance • ASME-B30.C-1996-2000 • ISO 4878 TP12245E • ISO 152 LOADFAST • • LOADFAST Removeable • • • • LOADFAST Extendable • • • • 52 Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 52 15/11/2016 10:57

2. l - lifting & lashings • 1 Use only identified slings. • 2 Do not use a damaged sling. Observable damage is the most reliable sign of weakness, particularly if a new sling is available for comparison. • 3 Note the correct ‘Safe Working Load’ for the mode use (see safety chart above). • 4 If intensive use is to be made of a sling in choked hitch, protection at the point of choke is recommended. Allow the angle of choke to form naturally - do not force. • 5 Never engage a textile sling with anything which may damage it. The lifting device, where it engages with the sling, should be smooth, without sharp edges and of the correct size so as to avoid excessive opening of the eyes or excessive loading of sewn parts. • 6 Observe the following precautions: a) ensure that the sling is suitable for the load lifted; b) do not drag loads when slung; c) do not lift with slings which are knotted or twisted; d) in cases where contact with sharp edges is possible, make sure that protective sleeves or patches are provided and that they are correctly located; e) do not allow the sling to remain under load for longer than necessary; f) do not pull sling from under the load when the load is resting on the sling; g) avoid snatch or shock loading; h) avoid eye opening angle of more than 20 (see 5); i) ensure that the included angles for 2-leg and 4-leg slings do not exceed 90 degrees. • 7 Ensure that the load will remain stable when lifted, and that when more than one sling is used for a single load, that the weight is properly distributed between the slings or sling legs. • 8 If slings are to be used where contact with chemicals is possible, or other extreme conditions such as high temperatures may be encountered, please seek advice. • 9 Store slings away from sources of ultraviolet radiation, (including sunlight) to avoid degradation. • 10 Do not dry or store slings near a source of heat. Store them on a suitable rack in a free circulation of air. • 11 Inspect slings before and during use (see 2). • 12 Never attempt to repair a damaged sling. In cases of doubt, return it to Checkmate. • 1 Examine the sling throughout its length for surface chafe, cuts in the webbing or selvedges or the cover and core of roundslings. Examine stitching of seams and eyes. Examine end fittings for cracks or damage. • 2 Chemical damage will show as local softening or powdering of the sling or its outer cover. • 3 In case of cuts or significant abrasion or of any case of doubt, the sling should be taken out of service and the advice of the supplier sought. Polyester slings should be used whenever a minimum of stretch is required. They are unaffected by common acids and hot bleaching solutions. Polyester slings must not be used with Sulphoric Acid* or strong Alkalis**. Not suitable for use at temperatures exceeding 200°C. Stretch at rated capacity is approximately 3%. BS EN1492-1:2000 WEB SLING BS EN1492-2:2000 ROUND SLING Practical advice for the safe use and maintenance of textile slings Recommendations for the inspection of slings for damage Polyester Slings This information is provided in the interests of the health and safety at work of all employees and other persons who may use the equipment. All persons having any contact whatsoever with webbing slings are instructed to read and put in to practice the information described on this page. RATED CAPACITIES FOR WEBSLINGS AND ROUNDSLINGS 48 Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 48 15/11/2016 10:56

9. t - theatre & rigging O ASTR ASTR-OT - Polyester anchor strop - roundsling • • • • O AST AST-OT - Polyester 25mm anchor strop • • • • The Checkmate Othello range is designed to meet the unique re- quirements of the entertainment industry, where high perform- ance and low visibility are desirable. All materials and hardware are black and non- reflective wherever possible. Standard Features • Polyester webbing or yarn • Wear sleeves available • Light weight • Simple to use OTHELLO Othello Anchor Slings • Versatile • Compatible end anchor for HLL1 systems Options • Range of lengths available Compliance • EN 795 Class B Othello Lashing OL RAT5T - ENDLESS-OT 50mm ratchet & webbing assembly • • OL RAT1T - ENDLESS-OT 25mm ratchet & webbing assembly • • Othello loadfast ratchet lashings are available in 25mm & 50mm width, with a single strap for end- less configuration. Standard Features • High tenacity low stretch polyester • Breaking loads: 1 & 5 tonne • Endless ratchet assembly • Labelled with relevant information for traceability and safety • Wide handle ratchet as standard • Available in various lengths as required • Will not damage the surface of the goods being lashed • Unaffected by grease, oil, dirt or sea water • Other configurations with end fittings available upon request Compliance • EN 12195-2:2001 Othello Lifting OR RSBWR - OT 2 tonne polyester covered galvanised wire rope roundsling • • • • The soft steel version is constructed from hanks of 2mm dia galvanised rope, the wire rope roundslings are very durable and provide more flexibility than a conventional wire rope sling. Also available in polyester. Standard Features • Material: Polyester outer cover, polyester or galvanised wire rope inner core • SWL 2 tonne • Circ: Up to 18m (9m EWL) • Factor of safety: Polyester 7:1, Wire 5:1 • Light and flexible makes them easy to hadle • Will not damage the surface of the good being lifted • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods • Wire rope easily exmined through label window pouch Compliance • EN 1492-2:2000 • EN 13414-1:2003 + A2 : 2008 OR Polyester yarn rope inner core • • OR Galvanised wire rope inner core • • 55 Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 55 15/11/2016 10:58

3. l - lifting & lashings • Material: Polyester • Widths: 25mm up to 300mm • Eyes: Becket, flat, reversed or a range of compatible hardware • Factor of safety: 7:1 • High strength to weight ratio • Absorbs shock loads • Light and flexible makes them easy to handle • Wear sleeves available to protect from sharp objects and wear in either webbing or polyurethane • Will not damage the surface of the goods being lifted • Unaffected by grease or oil • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods • Easily examined Compliance • EN 1492-1 ENDLESS SIMPLEX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Viking Roundslings DUPLEX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • QUADPLEX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Viking Webslings ENDLESS DUPLEX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SIMPLEX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Material: Polyester • Factor of safety: 7:1 • High strength to weight ratio • Absorbs shock loads • Light and flexible makes them easy to handle • Wear sleeves available to protect from abrasion and sharp objects in either webbing or polyurethane • Will not damage the surface of the goods being lifted • Unaffected by sunlight, humidity, grease, oil, dirt or sea water • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods • Easily examined • Standard SWL: 1,000kg up to 10,000kg - Colour coded Compliance • EN 1492-2 ROUNDSLINGS Standard and heavy duty roundslings are made from high tenacity polyester yarn encased in a colour coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester fabric • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 49 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 8T 10T 12T 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 8T 10T 12T Checkbook 8 Master FINAL.indd 49 15/11/2016 10:56

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