Micro Pure Sontara datasheet

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1. DuPont TM Sontara ® MicroPure DuPont Sontara ® MicroPure helps you to keep your cleanroom clean DuPont Personal Protection Examples of application s: þ General cleanroom maintenance, where absorbency is needed þ Polishing and cleaning relays, contacts and switches þ Cleaning lab appartus and sensitive equipment þ Picking up spills þ Others Trust, confidence and peace of mind These are the feelings you get when choosing Sontara ® MicroPure. Product quality is controlled f rom the manufacturing of the fabric to the cutting and packaging of the final wipes. Every detail is thought through and managed at high standards. Sontara ® MicroPure nonwoven styles (woodpulp/polyester) are engineered for cleanroom use and combine absorbency of a natural fibre with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic fibre in the same fabric. No binders or chemical treatments are used to manufacture them. þ Sontara ® MicroPure – first choice for many endusers Increasing productivity in cleanroom manufacturing is a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to reducing potential contamination that can cause product defects and associated yield losses. Therefore, choosing an appropriate wipe is critical to product quality and not putting your image at risk. þ Sontara ® MicroPure helps you to keep your cleanroom clean Sontara ® Micropur e is a woodpulp/polyester nonwoven fabric. Made by DuPont hydroentangling technology , using jets of filtered, high-pressure water, Sontara ® fabric is continually “washed” during manufacture. Ideally for cleanroom use since it doesn’t contain binders or requir e chemical treatment. The high cleanliness and purity are ensured by low extractable level and ion content as well as extremely low particle generation b y the material itself. þ Sontara ® MicroPure offers you absorbency and cleanliness in a single fabric The fabric styles offer high particle and liquid absorbency due to their cellulose content. Unlike many other nonwoven fabrics, Sontara ® MicroPure fabrics do offer an ideal combination of cleanliness, absorbency and purity in a single fabric without binders, chemicals or adhesives. Many nonwoven wipe fabrics include binders or additives or are chemically treated on the surface to reduce the particle debris. However, these additives very often reduce absorbency – an important functional property – and, in addition, can cause contamination from the wipes. þ Sontara ® MicroPure – Quality you can rely on – Quality control from the manufacturing of the fabric to the cutting and packaging of the final wipe. – Adv anced packaging design eliminates the need to cut or tear bag in the cleanr oom. – P roduct traceability. 201-5054 Sontara® MicroPure.qxd 27/03/06 17:34 Page 1

2. Sontara ® MicroPure – Cleanliness, Purity and Absorbency you can rely on DuPont Personal Protection For more information, please contact : DuPont Personal Protection DuPont de Nemours (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l. L-2984 Luxemburg Tel. : 00800 3666 6666 Fax : 00352 3666 5071 E-Mail : Website : Distributed by : This information corresponds to our current knowledge on the subject. It is offered solely to provide possible suggestions for your own experimentations. It is not intended, however, to substitute for any testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of our products for your particular purposes. This information may be subject to revision as new knowledge and experience becomes available. Since we can- not anticipate all variations in actual endues conditions, DuPont makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information. Nothing in this publication is to be considered as a license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patent right. Product range Dimensions (mm) Wipes per package Sontara ® The wipe for critical applications 224 × 224 300 MicroPure 100 305 × 305 150 457 × 457 75 Sontara ® The all purpose wipe 224 × 224 300 MicroPure AP 305 × 305 150 Sontara ® The wipe for less demanding applications 224 × 224 500 MicroPur e S V 305 × 305 250 457 × 457 75 Sontara ® The wipe for floor cleaning 300 × 590 500 MicroPure MOP 500 × 590 500 400 × 700 500 290 × 400 500 For further technical information, please feel free to contact DuPont. ISO 14644 ISO-3 ISO-4 ISO-5 ISO-6 ISO-7 ISO-8 ISO-9 US Fed. Std. 209 1 10 100 1 000 10 000 100 000 GMP – European Guidelines A/B C D Sontara ® The wipe for critical MicroPure 100 applications Sontara ® The all purpose MicroPure AP wipe Sontara ® The wipe for less MicroPure SV demanding applications Sontara ® The wipe for floor MicroPure MOP cleaning Requirements for wiping and cleaning levels may vary. Choosing the appropriate wipe depends on many factors, such as for example: the surface to be cleaned (smooth or rough, edges or without edges, etc.), the required level of clean- l iness, procedures employed and others. © 2005 DuPont. TM and ® ar e r egistered trademarks or trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates. L- 13432 Printed in Switzerland 1 1/2005 201-5054 Sontara® MicroPure.qxd 27/03/06 17:34 Page 2

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