MODUM Product sheet Ladder with back protection - EU

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2. Innovative Danish design April 20 20 MODUM Ladder with back protection – Installed a s inspection ladder for easy an d s afe ac cess to the roof. MODUM ha s designed a wide assortment of mounting brackets, and the MODUM ladders can be instal led on any building.

1. Innovative Danish design April 20 20 M ODUM Ladder with back protection . MODUM Ladder is manufactured in weather - proof anodized aluminium in a slim and elegant profile. It is suitable for 2 and 5 - story buildings . In case of an emergency, the MODUM Ladder can open with a simple pull of a Release Pin, and it is ready for use in a few seconds. With the anti - slip aluminium rungs, climbing and going down is safe and easy. The ladder is tamper - proof and can only be opened from above - thus preventing unauthorized access from the ground. It is the perfect solution for new building s or aftermarket installation. • Available in RAL colours. • The non - slip telescopic aluminium steps are hidden when the ladder is closed. • The Release Pin is positioned to accommodate open from above while preventing unau thorised access from the ground. • The Installation is very easy and is finalized in a few hours . Stability • Vertical stability: o 9.5 kN = 969 kg. • Horizontal stability: o 2 kN = 204 kg. • Closed: o 72 mm deep x 65 0 mm i nside with o 1 telescopic step unfold to 145 mm deep o 2 telescopic steps unfold to 319 mm deep o 3 telescopic steps unfold to 492 mm deep o 4 telescopic steps unfold to 665 mm deep • Weight: o 6 . 5 kg per running meter Open MODUM ladder with Back protection

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