Nomad Ultra Clean 4300 TDS

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2. TD 660 Created : November 2010 Updated : August 2016 Page 2 / 2 95006 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

1. TD 660 Created : November 2010 Updated : August 2016 Page 1 / 2  Nomad Ultra Clean Technical Data Sheet TD 660  Description Nomad Ultra Clean mats consist of multiple layers of adhesive- coated clear polyethylene sheets attached to a vinyl backing. Nomad Ultra Clean backing adheres to the floor, while the tacky top surface removes dirt and dust contaminants from the bottom of shoes and wheels. Product Positioning Nomad Ultra Clean mats can be use at clean room entrances, in hospitals, in semi conductor, medical device, pharmaceutical, biological and nuclear industries, at factory-to-office entrances and other work areas requiring high levels of cleanliness. Nomad Ultra Clean mats are not designed for outdoor use or direct exposure to sunlight and/or weather conditions. Special Features  Peelable, disposable mat  Easy to install  Allows foot or wheel traffic to cross easily  Very good removal and retention of contaminants  Easy removal of single sheets  Identifiable sheet count alternate blue and white numbered tabs  Vinyl backsheet does not transfer adhesive onto the floor when mat is changed. Colours Backing : White or blue Sheets : Transparent Tabs : alternate Blue and white Sizes and Packaging S izes 45 x 90 45 x 115 60 x 115 90 x 115 40 sheets / mat 40 sheets / mat 40 sheets / mat 40 sheets / mat 6 mats / box 6 mats / box 6 mats / box 6 mats / box Shelf life & Storage  Shelf life of 3 years.  Store flat, at minimum 10°C and 50% H.R. Characteristics Property Mat Thickness 2. 1 mm +/ - 0.1 mm Mat layers 40 micron thick transparent polyethylene film Backsheet 80 micron white vinyl film Adhesive Modified Acrylic, water based , Tabs White and blue tabs, alternate Decreasing from 40 to 1 3M logo printed on each tab Dimensional stabil ity Length and width up to +/ - 4 % Other features The product is silicone and plasticizers free. Complies with ELV mandates for heavy metals. Installation Instructions and Use  Clean the floor  Remove clear back cover sheet from bottom side of the mat  Place one corner of exposed back side adhesive onto floor to position the mat  When mat is aligned correctly, bond mat to the floor by pressing evenly and firmly across entire mat  Remove top cover sheet  When top layer of mat has lost tack due to build-up, peel off the top layer using corner tab and discard. Alternatively, sheets can be changed at set times as part of a quality assurance system. Product disposal Post consumer waste can be disposed of in appropriate containers or/and be incinerated. The European directive waste disposal code is 20-01-39 for plastic material. Refer to your local waste handling procedure for potential recycling. Origin of product : made in USA. Source of supply : 3M France  Protection et Hygiène Professionnelles Boulevard de l’oise


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