OIL SAFE data sheet, liquid transport containers and cans

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1. For more than a decade, OIL SAFE® has been the oil transfer management system preferred by leading companies around the world. Best practice operations around the world count on OIL SAFE® to deliver clean oil from bulk storage to the point of use. Innovative, practical and durable, the patented fully sealing and colour coded OIL SAFE® system: • Makes lubrication work easier, faster, safer and cleaner • Protects expensive lubricants from contamination • Reduced machinery downtime • Improves productivity • Increases bottom line savings • Improves OSHA compliance • Is Proven, Simple and reliable • Has withstood the rigors of the most demaning work environments Available from Lubetech, the world’s only system for complete fluid transfer management. OIL SAFE® is part of an innovative portfolio of products that combine to form a revolutionary system for managing lubricants from bulk storage to the point of use. TM OIL SAFE Extremely Durable Multiple lid types available Manage different fluid types via colour coding

2. Storage Lid With this lide, OIL SAFE® Drums can be pre-filled for storage or easier transportation. This is a convenient alternative to handling bulky 20 liter/US quart drums. Drums Fully interchangeable with OIL SAFE® Lids these drums have an extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. Utility Lid Multi purpose lide with large outlet hole ensues controlled fast pouring of lubricants. Match this lid to a 3, 5 or 10 litre/US quart drum for use with OIL SAFE® Pump Pump This downstroke discharge pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 14 strokes. Match with an OIL SAFE® Drum. Supplied withoutlet hose and anti-drip nozzle. For smaller filler holes add a pump reducer nozzle. Stretch Spout Designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required including hard to reach areas. Ideal for lower viscosity oils (<ISO 220). Hoses Flexible spout hose attachements for awkward or hard to reach areas. These attach easily to the OIL SAFE® Stretch or Stumpy Spout Lids. Stretch hose can be pulled from fitting and the length cut to suit the application. Ten bright colours make OIL SAFE® dispensers easy to find and easy to colour code lubricant grades OIL SAFE® down-stroke pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 14 strokes. Fully interchangeable drums and lids- any style lid works with any size drum. Quick twist spout easy to open and close. Controls flow and keeps dirt out. Auto-shutoff air intake enables quick pouring of lubricants See-through drums with graduated markings make it easy to see liquid levels without opening - reducing contamination risk. Pre-fill drums and store lubricants with OIL SAFE® Storage Lids Robust lid design for easier handling Telephone: 02380 274 123 Mini Spout With an outlet diameter of approximately 7mm (9/32”) this mini spout is ideal for lubrication jobs where equipment filler holes are small. Stumpy Spout This wide spout model is especially designed for applications where a higher lubricant is required. Part Nos. Beige 15-1436 Black 15-1432 Blue 15-1430 Dark Green 15-1431 Gray 15-1435 Mid Green 15-1215 Orange 15-1433 Purple 15-1434 Red 15-1213 Yellow 15-1214 Part Nos. Beige 15-1416 Black 15-1412 Blue 15-1410 Dark Green 15-1411 Gray 15-1415 Mid Green 15-1209 Orange 15-1413 Purple 15-1414 Red 15-1207 Yellow 15-1208 Part Nos. Beige 15-1449 Black 15-1445 Blue 15-1442 Dark Green 15-1444 Gray 15-1448 Mid Green 15-1443 Orange 15-1446 Purple 15-1447 Red 15-1441 Yellow 15-1440 Part Nos. Beige 15-1426 Black 15-1422 Blue 15-1420 Dark Green 15-1421 Gray 15-1425 Mid Green 15-1212 Orange 15-1423 Purple 15-1424 Red 15-1210 Yellow 15-1211 Part Nos. Beige 15-1406 Black 15-1402 Blue 15-1400 Dark Green 15-1401 Gray 15-1405 Mid Green 15-1206 Orange 15-1403 Purple 15-1404 Red 15-1204 Yellow 15-1205 Part Nos. 1.5 liter/ US quart 15-1450 2 liter/ US quart 15-1200 3 liter/ US quart 15-1201 5 liter/ US quart 15-1202 10 liter/ US quart 15-1203 Part Nos. Stretch Extension Hose 15-1218 Stumpy Extension Hose 15-1217 Part Nos. Pump 15-1216 Pump Reducer Nozzle 15-1224

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