Oxygen Enrichment-in-Healthcare Infographic

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1. O 2 Enrichment is a potential fire hazard O 2 use in healthcare environments Crowcon O 2 Enrichment Solutions Crowcon Gasman portable O 2 monitors improve safety on or near ventilators. Contact Crowcon now - Gasman O 2 is in stock and healthcare requirements are being prioritised. Click here to send your requirement or request further information now. References: hazards%20of%20oxygen%20and%20oxygen%20enriched%20at mospheres.pdf Eiga fire hazards of oxygen and oxygen-enriched atmospheres en=6817829efcb2cb378a0122ad8f41c9a14432b1e3 1. 2. 3. 4. Are you safe using Oxygen? O 2 Oxygen enrichment drastically increases the risk of fire O 2 usage is increasing in healthcare environments Oxygen gives no warning. An Oxygen enriched atmosphere cannot be detected by normal human senses. increase in probability of a spontaneous fire in an atmosphere with more than 25% Oxygen 1 10 % 50 % of fires related to Oxygen systems are due to incorrect operation and maintenance of equipment 2 Oxygen is the only component of the air we breathe capable of supporting life is considered an Oxygen deficient atmosphere 19.5 % normal level of O 2 in clean air is considered Oxygen enriched atmosphere 23.5 % © 2020 Crowcon Detection Instruments. All rights reserved. The density of ventilators could enrich the air, increasing the combustion risk 4 20.9 %

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