PPE use in dentistry and clinics, COVID-19

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1. A VISUAL GUIDE TO SAFE PPE USE FOR DENTAL PRACTITIONERS According to the CDC, high risk jobs are those with potential for exposure to known or suspected sources of COVID-19. Workers in this category include dental professionals performing aerosol-generating procedures (eg. cough induction procedures, some dental procedures, exams or invasive specimen collection). It is important to wear PPE to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Additional information on PPE use during clinical care can be found at ncov/hcp/dental-settings.html. GENERAL CONTACT WITH PATIENTS AEROSOL GENERATING PROCEDURES OR HIGH RISK AREAS Eye protection, goggles based on risk assessment N95 or higher-level respirator Disposable/reusable cloth gowns Disposable gloves Long sleeved, fluid resistant disposable/ reusable cloth gowns N95 or higher-level respirator Eye protection, eye shield, goggles, or visor Disposable gloves IMPORTANT TIPS TO REMEMBER: • PPE must be worn correctly before entering the patient area and remain in place for the duration of care. • Always extend the glove cuff over the gown cuff to fully cover th e wrist and limit exposure. • If a respirator is not available, use a combination of a surgical mask and a full-face shield. • Infection control recommendations include the use of hair or shoes covers whenever available. • PPE should not be adjusted (ie. retying gowns, adjusting mask, etc.) during patient care. • Remove and discard all disposable PPE into a sealed trash receptacle. (Disposable respirators/masks, eye protection, gown, gloves, etc.). • Clean and disinfect reusable eye protection according to manufacturer’s instructions prior to re-use. • Reusable cloth gowns should be laundered after each use. Please Note: Given the novelty of this coronavirus, recommendations from the source references are interim and advisory in natu re and are based on current knowledge of the situation. Always ensure compliance with your local public health authorities regulations surrounding conservation, usage, and selection g uidance of PPE to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Ansell, ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. © 2020 All Rights R eserved. For more information on infection prevention and control of COVID-19, please visit: MEDICAL GLOVES MUST HAVE • Standard AQL 2.5 or less (Lower AQL minimizes potential risk of contamination due to pinhole defects) • Conforms to ASTM F1671 and EN ISO 374-5 VIRUS (Barrier against viral penetration) • Conforms to EN 455 (Standard for medical exam gloves)

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