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2. WVI00002 VISOR V2 WVI00004 VISOR HP WHP00001 EARMUFFS WPA00002 REPLACEMENT INNER PADDING UAC00002 WINTER PADDING WAC00003 ADAPTER WITH BAYONET WVI00003 VISOR FULL FACE UPA00001 HELMET BAG Performances Accessories Additional Information PROTECTION AGAINST TOP IMPACTS PROTECTION AGAINST SIDE, FRONT AND REAR IMPACTS PROTECTION AGAINST THE PENETRATION OF OBJECTS CHIN STRAP RELEASE > 15 kg <25 kg RETENTION SYSTEM EFFECTIVENESS LOWER TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE TEST PROTECTION AGAINST SIDE DEFORMATION- LD PROTECTION AGAINST MOLTEN METAL SPLASHES- MM 5 Kg from 2 m 100 J 5 Kg from 0,5 m 25 J 3 Kg from 1 m 30 J T= -30°C Additional test in conformity with the requirements of the EN 12492 Standard requirements Optional requirements Plasma AQ KASK spa - Via Firenze, 5 - 24060 Chiuduno (BG) Italy t. +39 035 4427497 - f. +39 035 4427704 - e. PRODUCT OF ITALY GUARANTEE 3 years starting from the purchasing date. SHELF LIFE 10 years starting from the production date (production date is printed on a label contained on the inside of the helmet). Inspect the helmet regularly to check for any damage! Cuts, abrasions, deformation or changes in colour represent important elements for checking the helmet status. CLEANING Clean the helmet only with water, neutral pH soap and a soft, clean cloth. The inner lining should be washed by hand in cold water or in the washing machine (max 30°C - 85°F). Do not use chemical detergent or solvent. STORAGE When not in use the helmet should be stored away from direct sunlight or source of heat. ADHESIVE APPLICATION Do not apply adhesives, solvents, stickers or paint that do not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. Any alteration or intervention not provided for may impair its protective function. EN 3 YEARS GUARANTEE - S H E L F L I F E - 10 YEARS S H E L F L I F E

1. C°/F g KASK spa - Via Firenze, 5 - 24060 Chiuduno (BG) Italy t. +39 035 4427497 - f. +39 035 4427704 - e. Plasma AQ EXTERNAL SHELL: P.P. Polypropylene INTERNAL SHELL: HD Polystyrene expanded HEADBAND: Soft PA Nylon headband (fixed to the external shell without metal rivets) SIZE: Universal-adjustable from 51 to 63 cm STANDARD: EN 397 PPE CATEGORY: III 390 g -30°C / +50°C WHE00008.204 RED WHE00008.202 YELLOW WHE00008.201 WHITE WHE00008.210 BLACK WHE00008.203 ORANGE WHE00008.207 ROYAL WHE00008.208 BLUE WHE00008.205 GREEN WHE00008.206 BRITISH GREEN PRODUCT OF ITALY MICROMETRICAL ADJUSTMENT: The micrometrical size regulation mechanism positioned at the rear of the helmet provides quick and precise adjustment, even when wearing gloves. Technology AI R CLIP GRID EN 397 CHINSTRAP SANITIZED ® VENTILATION: Maximum ventilation thanks to the ten air intakes. The air intakes and the internal outflow channels guarantee effective breathability. EN LAMP CLIPS: Helmet equipped with strong nylon external lamp carrying clips, made of high intensity resin and frontal antislide insert that are compatible with all headlamps with elastic bands on the market. ANTI-INTRUSION GRILLE: The air intakes are equipped with an anti-intrusion grille that prevents entry of debris whilst maintaining breathability. CHINSTRAP EN 397: Four point chinstrap fixed to the external shell without metal rivets with Quick release fastening and opening in conformity with EN 397. Provided with lateral divider for adjusting the length of the straps. SANITIZED ® : The Sanitized ® treatment is an antibacterial treatment that acts as an internal deodorant counteracting the development of unpleasant odors. Thanks to its hygienic function, it effectively prevents bacterial proliferation by increasing freshness and comfort of the fabric in contact with skin. 2DRY: This high-tech and maximum comfort fabric dries very quickly, encouraging the expansion and dispersion of moisture to the outside and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness. VISOR EARMUFFS VISOR ATTACHMENT: Provided with attachment for fitting visors. EARMUFFS FITTING: Provided with bayonet socket adapter for earmuffs. Compatible with KASK earmuffs. Technical Details RING TO HOOK RING TO HOOK: Fitted with a special loop on the chinstrap which allows the helmet to be connected to the harness.


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