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1. Kimberly - Clark warrants that its products (1) comply with K - C’s standard specifications as of the delivery date to K - C’s authorized distributors/direct purchasers and are warrantied for the following periods from end user’s date of purchase (verified by valid sales receipt) (a) five years for Balder Technology auto darkening filters; (b ) two years for all other auto darkening filters; and (c) one year for powered air purifying respirators; (2) comply with all K - C l abeling representations; and (3) are manufactured in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws in effect at the time and place of manufacture of the products. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDI NG ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. K - C is not liable for any kind of special, incidental, or consequential damages. K - C’s liability for breach of contract, tort or other cause of action shall not exceed the product purc hase price. Purchasers and users are deemed to have accepted the above warranty and limitation of liability, and cannot chang e the terms by verbal agreement or by any writing not signed by K - C. To the extent required by applicable law, K - C does not limit i ts liability for death/injury resulting from K - C’s negligence. ®/*Trademarks of Kimberly - Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. Marques déposées de Kimberly - Clark Worldwide, Inc. ou de ses filiales. © 2013 KCWW. PURPLE NITRILE* XTRA* Exam Glove, 12” Codes: 55090, 50601, 50602, 50603, 50604 Rev: Dec 2013 Product Information Code Size Palm Width*(mm) Length* (mm) Quantity 55090 XS 70 310 50 gloves/box; 10 boxes/case 50601 S 80 310 50 gloves/box; 10 boxes/case 50602 M 95 310 50 gloves/box; 10 boxes/case 50603 L 110 310 50 gloves/box; 10 boxes/case 50604 XL 120 310 50 gloves/box; 10 boxes/case *As measured by ASTM D 6319; 2.5 AQL 1 Property Description General Description Purple nitrile, powder - free, exam, non - sterile, textured fingertips, ambidextrous gloves, beaded cuff, and single chlorination, 12” Physical Property Unit Upper Limit Test Method (1.0 AQL) Watertightness NA Pass ASTM D 5151 Residual Powder mg/glove 2 ASTM D 6124 Thickness Nominal Nominal Test Method (2.5 AQL) Middle Finger 5.91 mil 0.15 mm ASTM D 6319 Palm 4.72 mil 0.12 mm ASTM D 6319 Cuff 4.33 mil 0.11 mm ASTM D 6319 Property Tensile Strength Ultimate Elongation Median Force at Break Before Aging After Aging 21.0 Mpa 21.0 Mpa 550% 500% 11 Newtons 9 Newtons Testing Method (2.5 AQL) ASTM D 412 ASTM D 6319 ASTM D 573 ASTM D 412 ASTM D 573 ASTM D 6319 EN 455 - 2 1 AQL levels defined according to ISO 2859 - 1 (current edition) Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes. Workmanship Requirement : Gloves shall be made in accordance with reasonable industry practice with respect to defects, dirt and contamination. Gloves should be packaged as specified having described size and color in the appropriate quantity as listed. Shipping Case and inner pac kaging shall be labeled with product name, size, lot/batch and catalog number. For additional information: 1 - 800 - 255 - 6401 or kimtech@kcc.com


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