RAF075N TDS Checkmate Anchor

Fall protection / Documentation

RAF075N TDS Checkmate Anchor

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1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Removable Bolt Anchor TDS84 Removable Bolt Anchor Technical Data Sheet TDS84 ISSUE 04 Checkmate Removable Bolt Anchor . EN795 man riding bolt anchor. Designed to be mobile, but better than that it is locked in situ using a spring loaded trigger so once the hole is drilled out no additional tools are required. Sprung Trigger The spring loaded trigger allows the operative to engage and disengage the securing mechanism in a quick and simple action. Spoon and Cone Mechanism This works via a stainless steel cone that is forced under load between 2 sprung loaded spoons pushing them out against the walls of the hole, the more load on the eye of the anchor, the greater the mechanical grip generated. Anchor Loop Polyurethane coated loop of air craft wire swagged with a zinc plated copper ferrule provides an eye big enough to suit most connectors.

2. Using fall arrest equipment is only a part of working safely at heights; get accredited height safety training from HART. For more information visit www.h-a-r-t.co.uk Removable Bolt Anchor Technical Data Sheet ordering information Part No. Description Weight  RAF075N 22kN Removable Bolt Anchor 180g  RAM075N Multi-Use Only Removable Bolt Anchor 222g specifications principal materials  Max User Weight  137kg standards  ANSI Z359.1-2007, Z359.7-2011  OSHA 1926.502  CE 0321  EN 795:1996 (+A1:2000) Class B TDS84 ISSUE 04 CHECK US OUT www.checkmateuk.com The information on this data sheet is for marketing purposes only and Checkmate reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. The information must not be relied on for use, which must be obtained from the product marking and user information.  Spoons and Cone  Stainless Steel  Cleaning Bushing  Zinc Plated Steel  Stop Sleeve  Stainless Steel  Main Cable  Aircraft Cable  Swage  Zinc Plated Copper  Anchor Loop  Polyurethane  Spring  Zinc Plated Steel  Trigger  Aluminium use of removable bolt anchor


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