Resolute KTR the safety shoe att leverer the very best smart cushioning!

The Sixton Peak, Resolute System Technology concept was developed with our English partner D3O. It has been tested in collaboration with the University of Padua’s Department of Industrial Engineering, and in the Sixton Peak research and development department.

The real benefits of the Resolute safety shoe are achieved through a synergy of:
- the insert in D3O material;
- the Dynamic HC control protection element;
- and the StabilActive support.

The footwear has been both in vivo and laboratory tested, and compared with other major world brands of safety footwear.

The three tests carried out were cushioning, durability and stability, and these have yielded excellent results, ensuring outstanding foot and postural comfort for the user!

The statistical analysis of the data highlights:
- a more gradual energy absorption during the various phases of the gait cycle and the dynamic stabilization of the ankle and the limbs in all the tests;
- a reduced risk of foot eversion and inversion;
- greater symmetry of plantar loads and balance when the body’s centre of gravity shifts.

Resolute System Technology! Live the extraordinary experience of smart cushioning!!
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