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1. T 4 Portable Multigas Detector • Carbon monoxide • Hydrogen sulphide • Oxygen • Flammable gases Now with improved detection of pentane and hexane

2. When lives and property are at risk and you need gas detection equipment that is totally reliable, you need Crowcon. For over 45 years Crowcon has been developing and manufacturing high quality products with a reputation for reliability and technical innovation. Crowcon provide both single gas and multigas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications, providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards. Models vary, but it is Crowcon’s philosophy that each should be properly suited to its task. Choosing the portable gas detector for your needs T 4 Portable Multigas Detector T4 integrates innovative safety features and an intuitive, rugged design to provide advanced protection for those working in harsh environments. This portable multigas detector, which is exceptionally easy to use and service, protects against the four most prevalent gas haz - ards: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S), flammable gases and oxygen (O 2 ) depletion. T 4 P o r t a b l e M u l t i g a s D e t e c t o r N E W P o r t a b l e s P r o 2 . 0 S o f t w a r e E a s y s e r v i c e a n d c o n f g u r a t i o n I - T e s t & I - T e s t M a n a g e r B u m p t e s t & c a l i b r a t i o n s o l u t i o n s C o m p r e h e n s i v e r a n g e o f a c c e s s o r i e s a n d c h a r g i n g o p t i o n s From the individual contractor to the site safety manager, Crowcon offers all the tools needed to manage and maintain a T4 fleet with ease, and stay compliant. T4 Portable Multigas Detector The Complete Solution Now with improved detection of pentane and hexane

3. Portable Multigas Detector Easy operation Large single button and intuitive menu system minimise training and allow easy operation whilst wearing gloves. Multiple alarms Audible 95dB alarm, bright red/blue LED’s and vibrating alerts provide effective warning to gas hazards. Dedicated sensors One sensor for every gas ensures effective, fast and reliable detection. Backlit display Large, clear display with backlight and option to flip the screen 180° for easy viewing whilst worn. TWA Resume function Unique to T4, this innovative feature ensures toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire shift, even if T4 is switched off for a break or during travel to another site. Confidence, however you look at it T4 contains a wide range of features to make everyday use easier and safer: Positive Safety indicator A simple ‘traf f c light’ status indicator which, at a glance, provides visual assurance of operational and compliance status to both users and supervisors. Green light - Working safely Red light - Attention required Rugged design With a thick anti-shock rubber casing and drop tested to 4 metres on concrete, T4 provides dependable operation under the most demanding use. Water & dust resistant to IP65 & IP67. 18 hour battery life Safely work multiple or longer shifts between charges, covered by the 18 hour battery life. Intrinsically safe ATEX approved and UL Class 1 Div 1 for operation in a wide range of hazardous environments. TWA Resume* ensures time weighted average (TWA) toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire work shift. The red line on the graph shows workers with other detectors risking overexposure to hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) by switching their detector off for a lunch break. Only T4 provides the option to include previous measurements in the calculation when you switch your detector back on again and so prevent you exceeding your exposure limit. Because of TWA Resume (green line), T4 alarms at 14:00 when their 8 hour TWA reaches 5ppm. * Patent pending - UK patent application number 1501699.1 TWA Resume

4. www.crowcon.com UK: Tel: +44 (0) 1235 557700 Fax: +44 (0) 1235 557718 Email: sales@crowcon.com US: Tel: +1 859 957 1039 Toll Free: 800-527-6926 Fax: + 859 957 1044 Email: salesusa@crowcon.com NL: Tel: +31 10 421 1232 Fax: +31 10 421 0542 Email: eu@crowcon.com SG: Tel: +65 6745 2936 Fax: +65 6745 0467 Email: sales@crowcon.com.sg ME: Tel: +971 (4) 345 1980 Fax: +44 (0) 1235 557718 Email: sales@crowcon.com IN: Tel: +91 22 6708 0400 Fax: +91 22 6708 0405 Email: salesindia@crowcon.com Crowcon reserves the right to change the design or specificati on of the product without notice. Check www.crowcon.com for updates. MKG100815 GB Issue 3 July 2016 Size Weight Durability Alarms Display Logging Battery Environment Compliance Approvals Accessories Product Specification 135 x 80 x 35mm (5.3 x 3.1 x 1.4in) 282g (9.9oz) Drop tested 4m onto concrete 95dB Integrated Bright red & blue LED’s Front mounted, backlit, 180° flip for easy viewing while worn 130 hours of data at 10s intervals 3,500 Up to 18 hour runtime; 5.5 hour recharge -20 to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)* 10-95% RH @ 40°C non-condensing Independently tested to IP65 and IP67 Directive 2014/30/EU Ex II 2 G Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb T amb -20°C to +55°C Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb T amb -20°C to +55°C Use in hazardous locations Class 1 Div 1 groups A,B,C,D only as to intrinsic safety Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb T amb -20°C to +55°C Integrated alligator clip and tethering loop Bump/calibration plate Single unit cradle charger; 10 unit cradle charger; Vehicle charger Clip on dust filter plate I-Test automated bump test and calibration station Audible Vibrating Visible Data Events Rechargeable Li-ion Operating temp Humidity Ingress protection EMC AT E X IECEx UL INMETRO MED Included with T4 Available separately Gases and Ranges: Gas Oxygen (O 2 ) Flammable Hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) Carbon monoxide (CO) Range 0-30% vol. 0-100% LEL 0-100ppm 0-1000ppm Resolution 0.1% vol. 1% LEL 1ppm 1ppm T 4 Accessories: 10 way charger For charging and storing your T4 fleet Cradle charger Docking station for easy charging Vehicle charger Effective charging and storage whilst travelling External filter plate Clip-on f lter for dusty environments Aspirator plate Sample atmosphere prior to entry Product variants and options: ©2016. Crowcon Detection Ltd. Copyright to some photographs held separately. 2 gas - Flammable 2 gas - CO 3 gas - H 2 S 3 gas - CO 3 gas - CO (H 2 immune) 4 gas 4 gas (H 2 immune) Oxygen (O 2 ) Flammable Hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) Carbon monoxide (CO) Carbon monoxide (CO) - H 2 immune I-Test Easy automated bump testing and calibration solution Bump/calibration plate To apply test gas to T4 *Toxic and oxygen sensors are not rated for continuous operatio n above 50°C (122°F) NEW Portables Pro 2.0 Software For easy con f guration and servicing *Not available for UL certi f ed products


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