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1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET RALF TDS162 RALF Technical Data Sheet TDS162 ISSUE 03 Using fall arrest equipment is only a part of working safely at heights; get accredited height safety training from HART. For more information visit CHECK US OUT The information on this data sheet is for marketing purposes only and Checkmate reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. The information must not be relied on for use, which must be obtained from the product marking and user information. RALF . RALF (Rescue Auto Locking Fall Arrest System pulley) can be set up with a combination of prussik pulleys to create a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage with virtually any length of rope to create a simple hauling system for one or two person loads. If at any point during lifting or lowering the user loses control the overspeed brake will lock, arresting a fall within inches. The locking mechanism is not set up to be a one-use system and therefore does not have to be serviced after every fall arrest, however a thorough inspection of the rope and device will be required as well as a six-monthly thorough inspection and whatever replacement parts are required at that time. product features standards  Heat treated, anodised aluminium and  stainless steel  11mm low stretch kernmantle polyamide  rope  Lightweight and compact  3:1 or 5:1 ratio options  Overspeed brake  Easy to use  Dimensions: head only 100mm x 90mm x  70mm  Capacity: no limit to ultimate system length  Arrest force: Max 6kN  Max user weight: 250kg EN 250kg ANSI  ANSI Z359-4:2007 250kg  EN 1891-A rated rope only principal materials Part No. Description Weight  RALF-XXM Rescue Auto Locking Fall Arrest System Pulley 2.2kg (pulley only) ordering information

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