TDS 266 PPEH-54 Checkmate

Fall protection / Documentation

TDS 266 PPEH-54 Checkmate

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1. • Minimum Breaking Load 32kN • Gate Opening 19mm • Material Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Features Prod. Code Description Weight PPEH-54 Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Rapid Link 0.091kg All dimensions in mm DIMS IN mm CHECKMATE 17.5 72 8 19 PPEH-54 WEIGHT: g SURFACE AREA:mm 2 DATE DATE APPD DRAWN SCALE CHKD ISS PART NO. USED ON NO. OFF PARTS/ASSY LINEAR ±0.1 ANGULAR ±0°30' MANUFACTURING TOLERANCES UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED FINISH: MATERIAL: TITLE: DWG NO. SHEET 1 OF 1 PPEH-54 ... This document is given in confidence & may not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied nor shall any part of it be reproduced or copied without the prior written consent of "Checkmate Lifting & Safety LTD." PPEH-54 DWG NO. © DO NOT SCALE THIS DRAWING COMPLIES WITH BS.8888 A4 All Intellectual Property, including drawings, branding, logo's and patents are owned by Checkmate Limited. 15/01/2019 XX NOTE: REMOVE ALL BURRS AND SHARP EDGES WITH 0.25MM MAX RAD OR C HAMFER XX/XX/XXXX 1:1 0+ +44(0) 1795 668 280 +44(0) 1795 580 333 New Road, Sheerness, Kent, England ME12 1PZ, UK LET'S INNOVATE CHECKMATE LIFTING & SAFETY LTD LIFTING & SAFETY DATE 1 "SW-Mass@PPEH-54.SLDASM PPEH-54 RAPID LINK TECHNICAL DATA SHEET - ISSUE 0 Checkmate is part of the Pure Safety Group TECHNICAL DATA SHEET VISIT CHECKMATEUK.COM TDS266


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