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1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CLB TROLLEY TDS50 CLB Trolley Technical Data Sheet TDS50 ISSUE 05 Using fall arrest equipment is only a part of working safely at heights; get accredited height safety training from HART. For more information visit CHECK US OUT w w w . c h e c k m a t e u k . c o m The information on this data sheet is for marketing purposes only and Checkmate reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. The information must not be relied on for use, which must be obtained from the product marking and user information. principal materials ordering information Part No. Description Weight  PPESLL-512 CLB Trolley 0.2kg  Main Body  Stainless Steel AISI 316 - Powder Coated Red  Shackle & Shackle Pin  Stainless Steel -AISI 316 Electro Polished Checkmate Checkline II CLB Trolley . The CLB is a non-removable trolley designed for the Checkline II horizontal permanent lifeline. It is intended to be fitted via an entry/exit gate (PPESLL-513) but if the position of the lifeline creates a hazard to attach or remove the trolley it can be left permanently attached. The shackle is allowed to rotate through 180° allowing the CLB to travel along the 8mm wire rope with the minimum of effort but with the strength of a Class C anchor. For single user use only (upto 4 users per line). standards  These components form part of the  Checkmate EN 795 approved system DISCLAIMER – COMPONENTS MUST BE USED AS PART OF A COMPLETE CHECKMATE CHECKLINE SLL SYSTEM, COMPRISING OF CHECKMATE COMPONENTS ONLY. STRUCTURAL ENGINEER APPROVAL IS REQUIRED BY BUILDING OWNER. SPECIFYING AND INSTALLING CHECKLINE REQUIRES TRAINING AND WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM CHECKMATE – CONTACT CHECKMATE FOR DETAILS. 38 A/F Ø40 74 All dimensions in millimetres


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