TDS Max Descender 150

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1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MAX150 DESCENDER TDS206 MAX150 Descender Range Technical Data Sheet TDS206 ISSUE 02 Rope lock off . Non-mechanical lock off forms part of the housing on both sides for use in rescue mode. (MAX- R/PR only) Integrated rope guides Machined in guides add varying levels of friction as necessary for operator controlled descent. (MAX-R/PR only) Stainless steel wear points Low-wear guides on main wear points enhances the life of the device, and are also changeable at time of service. Captive fittings available MAX top anchorage enables fast change out of captive top connectors at time of service. Raising mechanism for ...... rescue . The R/PR models have a rotating wheel handle for raising a casualty a short distance as part of a rescue. MAX Descender Range . The MAX Descender is the most versatile constant rate descender on the market today and is packed full of innovative features. Models are available for both automatic hands free operation and multiple descent models with advanced rescue functionality, as well as power assisted option (separate Checkmate approved drill required). MAX-150 models are single user devices, with a maximum all up user weight of 330lbs(150kg). The device is designed to be used attached to the anchor point in regular mode of operation, or in an inverted mode, attached to the user and/or casualty. The device is completely symmetrical, allowing full use of all functions regardless of the direction the MAX is running. This also gives full functionality for each multiple descent or rescue. Model shown: MAX150PR Model shown: MAX-150 GORE protective vent . The integrated GORE vent prevents the ingress of moisture, particulates and other contaminants whilst allowing the brake to breathe and vent heat. Sealed brake chamber . The sealed brake chamber with a breathable vent allows air to enter and cool the brake whilst stopping moisture from entering. .

2. Using fall arrest equipment is only a part of working safely at heights; get accredited height safety training from HART. For more information visit MAX150 Descender Range Technical Data Sheet ordering information product features principal materials  Body, Plates and Pulley Aerospace grade hard anodised aluminium  Handle Polypropylene based technopolymer  Rope Polyamide kernmantle rope  Rope Guides and Anchorage Connection 316 stainless steel  Anchorage Connection Steel twist lock captive karabiner as standard.  Other connectors available  Rope 0.37”/9.5mm EN1891 Class A (150 models)  Descent Height Max 200 metres/656 feet  Descent Energy Class A (7.5 x 10 6 J)  User Weight Single user - Total 150kg/330lbs (150 models) standards  EN341:2011/1A  EN1496:2006 Class A  ANSI Z359.4 2013  OSHA 1926 Subpart M TDS206 ISSUE 02 CHECK US OUT w w w . c h e c k m a t e u k . c o m The information on this data sheet is for marketing purposes only and Checkmate reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. The information must not be relied on for use, which must be obtained from the product marking and user information. Part No. Description Weight (exc. rope)  MAX-150 MAX descender - 150kg/330lbs - descent only 2.4kg/5.3lbs  MAX-150R MAX descender - 150kg/330lbs - descent and rescue 3.0kg/6.6lbs  MAX-150PR MAX descender - 150kg/330lbs - descent and power assisted rescue 3.0kg/6.6lbs Lock-off points Non-mechanical integrated lock-off point (both sides) for use during remote or direct rescue. Heat dissipating fins Cooling fins are an integral part of the housing and remove heat built up during a descent. Revolving handle for rescue Rotating wheel for raising a casualty a short distance during a rescue. Rope friction points For operator controlled descents (both sides). 120mm 4.7” 200mm 7.9” 70mm 2.8” 135mm 5.3” 210mm 8.3” Durable wear points Replaceable wear points for extended life and increased durability. Anchorage connection point As standard comes with steel twist lock karabiner. Also available without connector for use with standard karabiners, or with a range of alternative fittings to suit specific environments. Assisted recovery attachment Attachment for power assisted recoveries. (MAX-PR models only)

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