TDS PPEH-09 Checkmate

Fall protection / Documentation

TDS PPEH-09 Checkmate

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1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PPEH-09 TDS94 Steel Twist Lock Scaffold Karabiner PPEH-09 Technical Data Sheet TDS94 ISSUE 04 Using fall arrest equipment is only a part of working safely at heights; get accredited height safety training from HART. For more information visit CHECK US OUT w w w . c h e c k m a t e u k . c o m The information on this data sheet is for marketing purposes only and Checkmate reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. The information must not be relied on for use, which must be obtained from the product marking and user information. product features ordering information Part No. Description Weight  PPEH-09 Steel Twist Lock Scaffold Karabiner Captive Pin 800g  Minimum Breaking Load - 23kN  Gate Strength - 16kN  Twist Lock  Gate Opening Size - 51mm  Captive Pin standards PPEH-09 Steel Scaffold Hook . 12mm yellow zinc twist lock karabiner with captive pin, 51mm opening, 217mm total length, 23kN minimum breaking load with a gate rating of 16kN.  EN 362:2004, ANSI Z359.1-07 &  ANSI Z359.12-09 principal features  Yellow Zinc Heat Treated Alloy Steel


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