To inspect you mechanically protective PPE

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1. Mechanical hand and arm Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be inspected before and after use for signs of weakness, damage, or wear that could indicate a reduced level of effectiveness. The need to replace hand and arm PPE will vary based on usage, exposure and application. Workers should follow their organization’s standard replacement protocols. However, below are key questions to keep in mind before and after every use: Are there holes, snags, tears, or frayed yarn? If so, replace the PPE. Does the PPE fit? If not, replace the PPE. Look for symmetry - Does one side match the other? If not, replace the PPE. Has the coating been compromised or degraded? If so, replace the PPE. Can skin be seen through the coating? Has the coating hardened or cracked? Are there signs of chemical burns? Has the hand or arm PPE swollen in any way? Is there visible discoloration? 1 3 2 4 Note: For reusable PPE that is not claimed and/or certified for virus protection, proper sanitization and laundering guidelines can be applied to help prevent the spread of viral contamination. Ansell, ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. © 2020 Ansell Limited. All Rights Reserved. HOW TO PROPERLY INSPECT REUSABLE MECHANICAL PPE Is either side distorted? • One side should be a mirror image of the other Are there defects hidden by stains or discolorations? Does it compare to a new pair of gloves or sleeves? Is the material or liner too tight? • Hand and arm PPE should fit snug, but not so tight to impede movement • Some gloves and sleeves may shrink if laundered at high temperatures Is the material or liner stretched out or loose-fitting? Does the hand or arm PPE slide or fall off? Reusable Gloves Sleeves

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