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1. Thanks to comprehensive research and an in-depth understanding of your needs, we created the most advanced, versatile solution yet. Simply put: It’s designed to help make breathing and working easier. 3M ™ Versaflo ™ Powered Air Turbo TR-600

5. Please recycle. Printed in the UK. © 3M 2016. 3M and Versaflo are trademarks of the 3M company. All rights reserved. J336370 3M does not accept liability of any kind, be it direct or consequential (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, business and/or goodwill) arising from reliance upon any information herein provided by 3M. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of the products for their intended use. nothing in this statement will be deemed to exclude or restrict 3M’s liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence. 3M Personal Safety Division 3M United Kingdom plc 3M Centre, Cain Road Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8HT Tel: 0870 60 800 60 Spare parts & accessories Part No. Description TR-630 Standard Battery TR-632 High Capacity Battery TR-640 Battery Charger Cradle TR-641E/UK Single Station Battery Charger Kit (Europe/UK) TR-644E/UK 4-Station Battery Charger Kit (Europe/UK) TR-626 High Durability Belt TR-627 Easy Clean Belt TR-6710E Particulate Filter TR-6820E Particulate Filter plus nuisance level organic gases and vapours below TLV (Threshold Limit Value), nuisance level acid gases below TLV and Hydrogen Fluoride gas up to 10 x TLV TR-6110E A1P - Organic gases & vapours (bp > 65°C) and particulates TR-6130E ABE1P - Organic gases & vapours (bp > 65°C), inorganic, acid gases and particulates TR-6310E A2P - Organic gases & vapours (bp > 65°C) and particulates TR-6580E ABE2K1HgP - Organic gases & vapours (bp > 65°C), inorganic, acid gases, ammonia, mercury vapour and particulates TR-6100FC Filter Cover for TR-6100 Series Filters TR-6300FC Filter Cover for TR-6300 Series Filters TR-6500FC Filter Cover for TR-6500 Series Filters TR-6700FC Filter Cover for TR-6700 Series Filters TR-6800FC Filter Cover for TR-6800 Series Filters TR-6600 Pre-Filter TR-662 Spark Arrestor TR-651 Filter Latch Assembly TR-653 Cleaning and Storage Kit TR-654 Cleaning and Storage Kit Replacement Seals TR-971 Air Flow Indicator BPK-01 Backpack TR-655 Backpack Adaptor TR-329 Braces 3M Ireland Limited The Iveagh Building The Park, Carrickmines Dublin 18 Tel: 1 800 320 500

4. Technical specifications Nominal Protection Factor (NPF): Depends on 3M headtop used Outlet flow characteristics Battery charge time Storage conditions -30ºC to +50ºC, < 90%RH Operating temperature -10ºC to +55ºC Weight Battery duration (with new battery and clean filter at 20ºC) Standard Flow Medium Flow High Flow All Filters P Filter All Filters P Filter All Filters P Filter Standard economy battery (hours) 6-12 10-12 5.5-11.5 9.5-11.5 4.5-9.5 8.5-9.5 High capacity battery (hours) 9.5-19 15-19 8.5-15 14.5-15 7-14 . 5 13.5-14.5 Protection Class TH2 NPF 50 Assigned Protection Factor (APF) 20 Protection Class TH3 NPF 500 APF 40 Manufacturer’s Minimum Design Flow (MMDF) 170 l/min Nominal Standard Flow 190 l/min Nominal Mid Flow 205 l/min Nominal High Flow 220 l/min Standard Battery Less than 3.5 hours High Capacity Battery Less than 4.5 hours Tu r b o 670 g Standard Battery 450 g High Capacity Battery 620 g Easy Clean Belt 270 g High Durability Belt 425 g

3. * Nuisance level refers to concentrations below the Workplace Exposure Limits Applications The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo, when used as part of an approved system with appropriate filters, provides protection against: • Particles e.g. fine dusts, mists and metal fume • Nuisance odour* levels (below the Workplace Exposure Limits) of organic vapours • Nuisance odour* levels (below the Workplace Exposure Limits) of acid gases and up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limits of Hydrogen Fluoride • Organic gases and vapours (with boiling point > 65°C) • Inorganic gases • Acid gases • Ammonia • Mercury vapour The TR-600, when used with an appropriate 3M headtop and filters, can be used in various applications including: • Agriculture • Chemical Industry • Construction and Building Renovation • Demolition • Food and Beverage • Medical and Healthcare • Metalworking • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing • Pulp and Paper Processing • Smelting and Foundries • Surface Preparation, Paint Spraying and Coating • Woodworking Limitations The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo should not be used in the following conditions: • Asbestos removal • In atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen • Confined spaces (lack of ventilation) • When the risk is considered to be immediately dangerous for life or health (IDLH) • Where the contaminant concentration is above the Workplace Exposure Limits defined for the headtop used (see relevant User Instructions for the headtop) Product range The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo is available to buy as: • TR-602E Turbo Unit includes Airflow Indicator & Spark Arrestor (x2) • TR-619UK/E Starter Kit includes the TR-602E Turbo Unit, A2P Filter, Filter Cover, Prefilters (x10), Easy Clean Belt, High Capacity Battery, Single Station Battery Charger Kit, BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube, Airflow Indicator and Spark Arrestor (x2) TR-602E TR-619UK/E Materials Turbo body Polycarbonate / Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene blend Filter cover Polyamide Battery casing Polycarbonate / Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene blend Easy Clean Belt Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam, polyamide webbing High Durability Belt Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam, leather belt

2. Description The 3M ™ Versaflo ™ Powered Air Turbo TR-600 is a belt-mounted air purifying device. When combined with one of the 3M approved headtops, it forms a power-assisted system for respiratory protection against particles, nuisance odours (where applicable), gases and vapours. The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo can be used with the following 3M headtops: S-Series and M-Series. • Three user selectable flow rates for improved comfort • Controlled airflow delivers steady flow despite battery discharge or particulate filter loading • Display shows battery charge status and particulate loading status during use • No user calibration of the turbo is required • Electronic audible, visual and vibratory alarm in case of low battery and/or low air flow • Simple, intuitive, easy to use two-button operation • Six filter options available: • P • P plus nuisance level* organic vapours and acid gas which also offers protection against Hydrogen Fluoride up to 10 x Threshold Limit Value • A1P • ABE1P • A2P • ABE2K1HgP • Lightweight lithium ion battery with LED to indicate charge status • Two belt options: • Easy-clean belt with smooth surfaces allows easy, thorough cleaning • High durability belt for hot work or rugged environments provides greater durability and spark/flame resistance • Suitable for shower decontamination (IP54) when using filter cover and temporary submersion (IP67) when fitted with cleaning plugs Approvals The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo, when used as part of an approved 3M Respiratory system has been shown to meet the Basic Safety Requirements under Article 10 and 11B of the European Directive 89/686/EEC and are CE marked. The product was examined at the design stage by: BSI, Kitemark Court, Davy Avenue, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8PP, UK (Notified Body number 0086). The product complies with European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. Standards The TR-600 Powered Air Turbo, in combination with 3M headtops, has been tested and approved to EN12941. The TR-600 also meets the following requirements: • Dust protection and protection against spraying water from all directions to EN60529 IP 54 • Dust tight and temporary submersion to 1m to EN60529 IP 67 3M ™ Versaflo ™ Powered Air Turbo TR-600 Technical Datasheet * Nuisance level refers to concentrations below the Workplace Exposure Limits


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