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1. • Large, vinyl-coated fabric catches roof leaks and channels them to standard hose hook-up. (Hose available — Code 1782, see below.) • Hose can then be directed to proper drainage point. • Heavy-duty grommets in each corner make installation quick and easy. ULTRA-DRIP DIVERTERS Code Description Dimensions Weight 1785 Roof Diverter 1,524 x 1524mm 1.0kg 1786 Roof Diverter 2,134 x 2,134mm 4.0kg 1787 Roof Diverter 3,048 x 3,048mm 8.0kg 1788 Roof Diverter 3,658 x 3,658mm 15.0kg 1789 Roof Diverter 4,572 x 4,572mm 22.0kg 1790 Roof Diverter 6,096 x 6,096mm 36.0kg 1780 Pipe Diverter 46 dia. x 46mm H 1.0kg • Keep fluid leaks off the floor — eliminate slip hazards and chemical exposure. • Large 46mm diameter opening captures overhead leaks, big and small. • Bottom fitting connects to a standard garden hose (optional), allows fluids to be collected in a drum or tank. • Rugged, coated vinyl construction — ships complete with bungee cords and hooks for quick installation. ULTRA-DRIP DIVERTER Catch Leaks And Divert Them Away From Equipment, Inventory And Personnel ® Ultra-Roof Drip Diverter Ultra-Roof Drip Diverter Ultra-Pipe Drip Diverter Optional Accessories Rubber Strap Kit Qty. 4 (1794) Drainage Hose 7,620mm (1792) Adjustable Bungee Cord Qty. 4 (1793)


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