Questions and Answers about Fresh Air / Compressed Air

Frequently asked questions and answers for supplied air systems

When should I use a air supplied breathing apparatus?

 Air-fed respiratory protection should be used as soon as one of the following factors occurs.

  • Oxygen deficiency (below 17%)

  • If suitable filter does not exist.

  • The pollution in the air is unknown The products you work with contain low boiling liquids.

How often should an active carbon filter for filter panels be changed?

If it runs 8 hours a day, it must be replaced once a year.

How long can the filter be in stock?

There are no restrictions, but it cannot be guaranteed that the filter will work after 3 years of stay. Always check the supplier's instructions that came with the product when you bought it.

Is fresh air and compressed air respirator the same?

Yes, that's the same thing meant. Both express the idea of fresh air through a compressed air system.

Working with mold and fungus

"We are faced with a major mold cleaning of objects. We have tube protectors that are used for larger and more long-lasting tasks, as well as filtering dust masks (P3 models) for smaller tasks. Is it enough? and what is recommended?"

When working with mold, fresh air is always the best choice, otherwise it is recommended to use a Turbo system. However, there must be P3 filter, because the degree of separation is a factor of 50 higher than for P2.

The difference is significant between one P2 and P3. P2 is suitable for dusty areas where the dust itself is only dangerous due to the size of the particle, but not property. Whereas for mold, a P3 must be used.

We recommend that you always use fresh air or turbo protection.

Which sign to use for fresh air / compressed air systems?

The employer must ensure that work areas where fresh air-fed respirators are to be used are marked with signs.

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Is signage always required for fresh air / compressed air systems?

Yes, it is necessary. When there is a need for compressed air equipment in a workplace, it is also a sign that it is a contaminated area. Therefore, a distinction must be made to warn both employees, unauthorized persons and guests that fresh air must be used.