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Dina uppgifter är alltid lika säkra och korrekt hanterade som möjligt med oss

För ytterligare insyn har vi beskrivit vår policy enligt de nya GDPR-förordningarna i den här artikeln.

Terms & Conditions

1. The use of website

a. The following terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to the sale and / or delivery of any product / service (hereinafter referred to as "goods" or "granting") from DS Safety A / S to traders, organizations and private and authorities in Denmark (hereinafter referred to as "customer").

b. The conditions apply unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing between the customer and DS Safety A / S, and whether the agreement is concluded via Internet, e-shop, e-mail, fax, phone, one of DS Safety A / S 'consultants or by other means.

c. It is a condition of the customer's purchase, that these conditions are accepted and customers are encouraged to read the terms carefully. 

2. Information, contractual information, etc.

a. Any product information as well as any information on technical data and functionality (eg. category, application, approval, etc.) are indicative only. The customer has full responsibility for the selection of the goods / services including that the product / service can act in the customer's intended operating environment.

b. The customer placing the order requires the establishment as a customer in the D-S Safety A / S's customer register. D-S Safety A / S reserves the right to recognition as a customer of D-S Safety A / S.

c. By submitting a product ordering via the D-S Safety A / S 'website, the system will automatically generate a receipt confirmation sent via e-mail. This automatic replies (via email) is NOT a binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement is reached. It is merely an electronic acknowledgment of receipt of the order and D-S Safety A / S is free to cancel the order.

d. The customer is encouraged to print the order confirmation immediately upon receipt, as this may be relevant in connection with returns or complaints.

e. An invoice will be sent in connection with the shipment of the product / service.

3. Ordering products

a. Products can be ordered via our website: www.d-s.dk. By telephone at tel. 55 44 66 44 within our opening hours: Monday-Thursday 7:00 to 16:30 and Friday 7:00 to 15:00, per. fax at fax no .: 55 44 66 41 or via e-mail at d-s@d-s.dk

b. If you need further assistance, advice and guidance you can also get in touch with one of our many running consultants in Denmark. Call the main number (55 44 66 44) and we will help you further.

4. Delivery and delivery time

a. Delivery is to all addresses in Denmark and Greenland and the Faroe Islands. D-S Safety A / S also supplies for overseas and foreign recipient addresses. Call for more information on 55 44 66 44

b. Delivery from D-S Safety A / S 'main storage.

c. Delivery time depends on order size, quality and as otherwise agreed between the customer and D-S Safety A / S. The delivery time as stated by D-S Safety A / S is approximate and thus not binding for D-S Safety A / S, unless expressly agreed fixed delivery of the entire order or parts thereof.

i. Basically sends D-S Safety A / S stock items the same day if order is placed before noon. 14:00 Monday-Thursday and Friday before noon. 12.00 (supplied Monday).

ii. Ordered products are sent together.

d. D-S Safety A / S reserves the right to postpone delivery. If the delay is due to circumstances that constitute force majeure, delivery time is extended as long as the impediment exists.

e. Can supply as a result of the customer relationship is not completed, leave the product to the customer's risk and expense. D-S Safety A / S on this occasion entitled to charge warehouse rent, costs, etc.

f. In case of delay, the customer may only terminate the agreement and only if the delay exceeds three weeks. The customer then has only the right to recover any expenses already paid, and the customer can not make other remedies in respect of the delay.

g. If the contract with the client includes several goods / services, and there are delays or defects in a part of the delivery, the customer is nevertheless obliged to pay for the goods / services that are delivered on time and / or without defects. If the customer for these conditions right to terminate the Agreement applies this termination access only the delayed or missing part of the delivery.

h. When you shop at d-s.dk you have several different options for delivery. We also have something to suit your needs. You can choose between delivery with GLS to business, GLS Parcel Shops and you even pick up your package with us.

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, you can track and trace information (ie to track your package).

GLS parcel shops throughout the country. In many places, stores and gas stations, which have long openly. So you have the opportunity to pick up your packages, where it is convenient for you and when it suits you. You will receive an email when the package is ready for pick-up in the selected package shop.

Pick from us D-S Safety A / S

Get peace of mind by choosing the right product. If you choose Home collection D-S will your package be sent and we await your pickup. You save the freight.

The package can be picked up the same business day you receive your mail with confirmation of booking.

5. Prices

a. all prices are excl. taxes and handling costs etc. Subject to price changes that may occur right up to delivery - including suppliers' price increases.

b. D-S Safety A / S makes reservations for typos, price errors, VAT and fee changes, sold out / discontinued products and failure to deliver by our suppliers.

6. Handling Costs

a. D-S Safety A / S uses, unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation, GLS for delivery in Denmark. The handling costs are calculated in accordance with the then-current terms from GLS and indirect handling costs.

b. There is shipping on all orders. Costs for freight is 56 kr. Incl. VAT per shipment ordered online and delivered by GLS.

c. Corporate customer: The total amount of cargo being imposed on the final invoice.

e. For larger items requiring pallet, call for more information at tel .: 55 44 66 44.

7. Payment Terms

a. Payment for ordered products (for business customers) can be made by bank transfer to Danish Bank

Danish Bank account no .: 3511 3511114950th


IBAN:DK4630003511114950 DKR

IBAN:DK3630003511675014 EUR

b. Is already buy corporate transmitted invoice. The purchase price is due for payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing, 30 days net from the date of the invoice.

c. Payment can be made with the following payment cards (both corporate and private customer): Dankort and Visa / Dankort. D-S Safety A / S uses a payment gateway that guarantees that all credit cards are encrypted, and all votes card information is secured.

e. D-S Safety A / S accept individual assessment of a customer's creditworthiness to deliver goods / services on credit (only for business customers). Do not have a customer with us please contact us.

f. The customer can not make deductions on the purchase price for claims relating to other legal matters, and the customer can not exercise liens or refuse payment on grounds of delay, complaint or counterclaim for the actual delivery.

g. The charge will appear on your account.

h. If you later want to cancel the order, it is necessary to contact D-S Safety A / S on e-mail d-s@d-s.dk to get a refund as this can not be done automatically. E-mail must contain the registration number and account number to which we must return the money.

8. Late payment

a. By late payment automatically yields 2%. commenced month from the due date and a reminder fee of kr. 100 per. reminder. When the purchase price is paid after the claim has been in legal collection, the buyer must pay all collection costs. D-S Safety A / S sends a maximum of three reminders before the claim is made for collection.

9. Retention of title

a. D-S Safety A / S retains title to the product, as long as there is not received full payment for the goods ordered.

b. Until ownership has passed to the customer, the sales kept and maintained properly. Damage to the sold beyond what normal wear leads must be replaced by the customer. Customer undertakes not without D-S Safety A / S 'written consent to dispose of the delivery in a way that may impair D-S Safety A / S's security in the goods, including but not limited to the pledge, rental or lending of goods.

10. Refunds

a. The customer has the right to return until 14 days after delivery to the customer given address. The item must be returned in original and unopened packaging.

b. Orders for obtaining goods can not be canceled or returned unless the item is significantly flawed.

c. Return of goods that are defective or missing, including in connection with repairs or replacement, according to the following procedure:

i. Contact Customer Service on tel. 55 44 66 44 or d-s@d-s.dk stating the customer name, customer number, order number and item number of the item you wish to return.

d. We treat your case immediately and gives you answers to your Return immediately.

e. You get information on how to return the goods to be sent.

f. In the case where the to be returned to the D-S Safety Equipment A / S, is the return address:

D-S Sikkerhedsudstyr A/S

Menstrupvaenge 10

4700 Naestved

g. The customer is entitled to the return of an amount equal to the customer price paid for the product when D-S Safety A / S has approved the returned item. Handling costs and fees. not returned.

11. Complaints and defects

a. The customer is obliged to immediately and no later than the day following receipt of the shipment, to check the item / service and to investigate this for any deficiencies. When transporting injured delivery shall be rejected or accepted with reservations by annotate it on the terminal / waybill. Transport damage is external visible damage to the packaging.

b. D-S Safety A / S is only liable for the original defects. Where the customer error and missing, the customer must immediately advertise for D-S Safety A / S with specification of the defect claimed. If complaints are not timely, is the right to invoke deficiencies lapsed.

c. The warranty period is in any case limited to 12 months after delivery, however, so that the warranty period is 6 months after delivery in the case of power supply units. After complaints period, the customer may not invoke lack. For third-party products apply the warranty period as evidenced by the subcontractor applicable warranty provisions. Replacement or repair does not extend the original 12 months warranty period.

d. D-S Safety A / S's liability for defects is always limited by D-S Safety A / S discretion either to repair or replacement within a reasonable time.

e. No warranty from D-S Safety A / S 'side, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. Warranty and service obligations shall not D-S Safety A / S, but the producer and its potential service provider or D-S Safety A / S when it comes to in-house production.

i. Own Production are products manufactured by D-S Safety A / S at its own factory located on the adress:

Menstrupvaenge 10

4700 Naestved

12. Liability and liability limitations

a. D-S Safety A / S shall not be liable for delays or defects in the goods / service. D-S Safety A / S disclaim any such liability for consequential and / or indirect loss, loss of profits, loss of earnings or other indirect losses.

b. D-S Safety A / S 'product liability is limited to the liability arising from the Product Liability Act, and D-S Safety A / S disclaims thus any responsibility for product damage on other grounds. The customer is obliged without undue delay in writing to the D-S Safety A / S, if there is product liability damage, or that there is a danger that such damage will occur.

13. Personal Information

a. D-S Safety A / S 'treatment of personal data is done in compliance with the Act. The customer can contact D-S Safety A / S, if you wish information about which data processed and stored by D-S Safety A / S or if the information be deleted or corrected. Information on the customer's name, address, e-mail etc. used only to meet the customer's order and inform the customer if unforeseen problems arise. D-S Safety A / S passes in no case the customer information to third parties unless the customer has accepted this.

b. When you create a user account and fill in your account details, you grant permission for the information is stored and used by the D-S Safety A / S. You may at any time change your information (including unsubscribe newsletter, etc.) By logging in with your username and password.

14. Special Conditions for consultancy

a. For consultancy, support and service provided by D-S Safety A / S shall otherwise also listed below special conditions for such assistance. Note the following listed special terms does not visit, guidance, counseling and ordering goods from / in D-S Safety A / S 'consultants. These services are free and are entirely up to the consultant at D-S Safety A / S to plan and determine the scope and content.

b. Konsulentbistandens content and scope specified separately and in writing. Is the content and scope of consultancy services not separately identified are settled after the D-S Safety A / S calculated the time and on the terms set out below. Consultant Assistance carried out, unless otherwise agreed in writing, during normal working hours, which are Monday to Thursday 7:00 to 16:30 and Friday. 7:00 to 15:00. D-S Safety A / S is entitled to pass on its obligations to subcontractors.

c. The customer must provide the consultants and other contacts the relevant information needed for the task. The customer must layoff jobs provided by the consultant's detailed instructions, available. The customer must help to organize the work and assign resources so that the consultant service can be delivered as agreed.

d. Does the fact that the customer is responsible for ensuring that the agreed consulting services can not be delivered or it is delayed, the DS Safety A / S is entitled to charge fees for the consultants who were committed to the delivery of consultancy services and the extraordinary resources DS Safety A / S has been forced to use due to the delay alone less any billing for the second completed work conducted by the consultants during the same period.

e. In case of violation the customer also agreement on providing consultancy, D-S Safety A / S is entitled to demand the full payment for consultancy services paid regardless of the extent of consultancy services are only estimated or estimated by D-S Safety A / S. Is not estimated or predicted any remuneration respectively. time, the D-S Safety A / S is entitled to a remuneration corresponding to the time that would normally be spent on a task of this nature.

f. The customer is responsible for the statutory provisions, including those on security are respected and can not do D-S Safety A / S responsible.

g. If there is no other written agreements thereon, calculated DS Safety A / S 'fee based on the time spent on the solution of the task (incl. transport) in accordance with the applicable hourly rates in accordance. at any time current price list. Work outside the above normal hours of work done for an additional fee in accordance with the then-current price list.

h. D-S Safety A / S is entitled to reimbursement of all expenses incurred in connection with the completion of the assignment, including the cost of transportation, accommodation, catering and external consultants.

15. Force Majeure

a. If there is an extraordinary situation that is outside the D-S Safety A / S 'control and after sales law must be regarded as force majeure, the D-S Safety A / S' obligations suspended for the period of the extraordinary situation lasts. In such an extraordinary situation, the customer may terminate the agreement with D-S Safety A / S, if the situation persists or likely to last longer than 60 days and in cases when only 14 days' notice.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a. Any dispute shall be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen by Danish rules.

b. In contracts for the International Sale is the United Nations Convention purchase (CISG) required to be used.

17. Invalidity

a. If one or more provisions of these terms may be considered to be invalid, the other terms remain valid between the customer and the D-S Safety A / S.

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