VARMEX® Welding Mask 2.0

The upgraded version of the most innovative welding mask to date


Automatic damping welding goggles

Unique lightweight and technologically advanced welding glass with automatic damping.

Among the most desired function of welding workers is the importance of no flicker of the protective attenuation due to external lighting such as flashing lights, etc.

With the VARMEX® welding mask, your eyes are completely protected without flicker!

The advanced optical sensors detect and attenuate the welding lenses appropriately for your best protection.

Room for more = better protection

The lightweight welding shield is designed to protect your entire face.

An innovatively designed shape of the shield provides space to use respirators and filter masks inside the welding mask!

The upgraded welding goggles have been designed with a wider field of view and with space to wear your own optician goggles or safety goggles while wearing the goggles.


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We introduce the VARMEX® welding mask

This is the world's first automatic welding goggles with automatic attenuating welding filter. Designed by welders for welders. Through several years of research, testing and studies with consultations with welders and safety representatives, the VARMEX® welding mask has been designed to provide a better and more flexible solution to the increased demands of the modern welder.

Ideal for work in confined spaces for pipe fittings; conversion and repair of cars, ships and equipment; welding inspections; work out; maintenance and repairs as well as a wide range of other tasks.

At the heart of the VARMEX® welding mask system are the Arc-513 welding goggles. These automatic welding goggles are suitable for both grinding, gas cutting and welding as well as plasma cutting and arc welding, MIG, TIG, SMAW (electrode welding) and MAG welding from DIN class 5 to DIN 13. With the possibility of having DIN 3 between welds for a clear vision.

Better solution - Better protection

The VARMEX® welding mask is ideal for many different welders and welding situations.

  • Perfect for work in confined and small spaces The compact design of the welding goggles and the light weight reduce fatigue in the neck region in contrast to larger clumsy welding helmets. This makes the welding mask ideal for mobile welding and welding inspections.

  • Can be used for both cutting, grinding, gas cutting and welding of all types of ARC (arc welding), MIG welding, MAG welding, SMAW (electrode welding) and TIG welding.

  • Designed for easy use with hard-hats (all types of safety helmets), bumpcaps and respirators as well as a wide range of accessories to provide maximum safety and comfort.

  • These welding goggles are ideal together with our large selection of VARMEX® flame retardant welding caps for optimal protection which is both lightweight and environmentally friendly.

  • The face seal has a replaceable silicone edge which is designed to fit snugly and comfortably to all face profiles.

  • Glasses with strength can be easily inserted.

  • CE / ANSI / CSA / AS NZ certified.


Ergonomic design optimized for comfortable welding

The VARMEX® welding goggles are the first auto dimming welding goggles designed by welders for welders.

Based on many years of research, testing and research, the welding mask is ergonomically designed for the best fit. As well as carefully designed light design which gives an incredibly low weight which also makes the mask extremely comfortable and easy to work with - and thereby does not stress the neck muscles unnecessarily.

Designed to fit perfectly with hard-hats and safety helmets without an adapter.

The welding goggles have built-in groundbreaking, unique and new technologies such as shock-absorbing and heat-resistant frame in the welding goggles. As well as a self-adjusting silicone edge that fits close to the face, as well as built-in ventilation so you avoid misted glasses.

The lenses on the front are further coated for higher durability and protection from splashes, particles and dust.




1) Silicone edges

The welding goggles have a replaceable silicone edge that fits snugly to your face profile for a comfortable and pressure-free fit.

The close-fitting design further ensures that light is shut out and protects your eyes in a bright environment.

2) Dual "Eye-follow" detectors

Built-in meters that optimally capture and dim light by, for example, welding.

3) Breathable ventilation system

The Eye-BreatheTM air ventilation system helps minimize mist in the welding goggles and increases comfort.

Possibility to choose anti-fog films and coatings which can be used to advantage in extreme work environments.

4) 3D protective lenses:

The lenses are hard-coated for better protection, higher durability and optimal protection against splashes, particles and dust.

Installation of glasses with strength

With the welding goggles, the included frame is for holding the lenses, which provides increased usability and benefits of the VARMEX® welding mask. For those who wear glasses, welding is now easier and clearer with easily replaceable lenses.

Note: The lenses must be installed in the supplied holder. Lenses are not included!


Better protection for welders

The VARMEX® welding mask can be used together with a wide range of complimentary personal protective equipment which ensures the best protection for the work.

Both respirators, helmets and hearing protectors can be easily used at the same time as the VARMEX® welding mask.

You can also use a wide range of our VARMEX® flame retardant welding caps with the welding mask.

VARMEX® Clip-on mask

Incredibly light (only 220 grams), comfortable and practical. The VARMEX® Clip-on mask is designed to be clicked quickly and easily directly on the VARMEX® welding goggles in a simple way. Together, the 2 parts create a completely new type of welding shield.

The durable and strong nylon clip-on mask can be removed as easily as it is clicked on. Incredibly easy to store and transport. Takes only seconds to click.

Simple, easy, comfortable and protective. The new clip-on mask from VARMEX® is simply a better solution and in a new category for itself within the welder's personal protective equipment.


VARMEX® welding caps

The wide range of VARMEX® flame retardant welding caps is specially designed for use with the VARMEX® welding goggles and the clip-on mask. Together, they give you the best protection against the dangers of welding.

  • The VARMEX® welding caps are made of environmentally friendly material and weigh incredibly little (all the way down to 200g / m2)

  • Furthermore, the recognized VARMEX® material is still flame retardant even after washing.

  • The fabric keeps you warm in the winter and lets you get rid of sweat and excess heat in the summer.

  • The large selection makes it easy to find exactly the welding cap that is best suited for your work task.

With its compact design and lightness, the VARMEX® Welding Mask is ideal for welding in rooms where access with traditional welding helmets is limited.

Combination options with the VARMEX® welding mask

VARMEX® Welding Mask is unique due to the light and compact design which opens up many possibilities for customization.

The light and easy to transport welding mask is easy to carry in suitcases or bags.

At the same time, it is one of the first welding masks in the world that makes it possible to wear both respiratory protection, hearing protection and welding goggles at the same time.

That is why the VARMEX® welding mask is perfect for you who have to work with; respirators with welding goggles, hearing protection with welding goggles or helmets and bumcaps with welding goggles.

Just look at some of the many combination options below.

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding mask with bumpcap

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding goggles with hearing protection

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding goggles with visor and respirator

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding goggles with respiratory protection

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding mask with hearing protection

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Welding mask with filter mask

Accessories for the VARMEX® welding mask

At D-S, we always listen closely to our customers and always take care of your queries and find solutions to your problems. In other words, we take care of your safety.

That is why we have developed a series of unique accessories for the VARMEX® welding mask.

We have developed caps and caps of our fireproof and environmentally friendly VARMEX® textile. These welding caps protect the top of the head during welding and are extremely light and comfortable.

We have also produced custom VARMEX® pads and chin pieces that are easily glued to the mask for better safety against heat for both your neck and the mask's shield.

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2


1 / 15,000 del second
Before welding = Shade # 4 (passive mode)
During welding = Shade # 5, # 7, # 9, # 11, # 13
Cut loose with the glasses off at shade # 4
Gas welding and cutting as well as plasma cutting at shades # 5 and # 7
Weld loose with the automatic dimming at # 5, # 7, # 9, # 11, # 13.
5 levels from low to high
Battery life
Lithium 3V (CR2032 x 2) = Approx. 1,000 hours
TIG rating
20 Amps
Passive mode
Can be used as eye protection for cutting in passive mode
Note: extra face protection is ALWAYS necessary
Gas welding / manual mode
Press [HOLD] and use [SHADE] to switch between # 5 and # 7
Welding goggles = Approx. 162 grams
Welding screen = Approx. 53 grams
Total: 215 grams
Working temperature
-5 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature
Clean and dry at -20 ° C to 70 ° C
Kompatibelt tilbehør
Apron, VARMEX® welding cap, helmets, respirators, etc.
2 years

Contents of the package

Welding glasses / goggles


Anti-fog film


Frame for lenses (lenses not included)

2 replaceable protective visors (for protection of welding glass)


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